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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Alexander Kopytin,
Project Manager


A versatile Project Manager with a track record of success in project management, strategic marketing, and digital advancements. Expertise in crucial roles with large global organizations, stressing a dedication to driving business success, promoting team cooperation, and delivering creative solutions. Business Analysis, Agile Management, and a broad array of digital marketing technologies are all part of an adaptable skill set.


Graduated from top-tier institutions, emphasizing a dedication to academic excellence and professional development. Beyond these formal qualifications, I am a big believer in learning as a never-ending process, which underscores my commitment to ongoing growth and adaptation.

  • MSc in E-business & Innovations - Lancaster University
  • GD in Business & Marketing - Newcastle University
  • BA in Construction Engineering - Moscow State University of Civill Engineering


I led transforming a condo into a fully operational a hotel under the Wyndham brand, setting up systems, training staff, developing marketing plans, and connecting with OTAs. Within the first 3 months of operations, our efforts led to remarkable success - the hotel generated $600,000 in revenue and was fully booked, showcasing immediate appeal and effective strategies implemented.

Highlights reel:

  • Project Management and Brand Integration:
    • I Served as the on-site representative, overseeing the entire transformation process from a condominium to a fully operational Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket hotel.
    • Ensured seamless integration of various systems and processes to align with Wyndham's brand standards and requirements for efficient hotel operations.
    • Actively participated in numerous meetings and collaborations with Wyndham's team to understand and implement their brand guidelines, quality standards, and operational protocols.
  • IT Infrastructure and System Integration:
    • Managed the hotel's internal domain email servers, ensuring efficient communication channels.
    • Took on the role of the hotel's Opera champion, spearheading the implementation and integration of the Opera Property Management System (PMS) across all departments and operations.
    • Coordinated the seamless integration of the Opera PMS with other critical systems, such as revenue management, online distribution, and marketing platforms, to ensure a cohesive and streamlined operation.
  • Revenue Management:
    • Introduced the Lighthouse revenue analysis system to optimize pricing and revenue strategies.
    • Analyzed market data, forecasts, and trends to develop dynamic pricing strategies and maximize revenue opportunities.
  • Online Presence and Marketing:
    • Developed and launched the hotel's website, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly online presence.
    • Registered the hotel on Google Maps and other relevant online platforms, enhancing visibility and accessibility for potential guests.
    • Created a unique and engaging hotel mascot to strengthen the hotel's brand identity and support marketing campaigns.
    • Participated in hotel presentations to OTAs and other industry events, promoting the hotel and establishing valuable connections.
    • Facilitated the hotel's promotion and visibility in the market through various marketing initiatives and channels.
  • Online Travel Agency (OTA) Connections and Sales Strategy:
    • Established strategic partnerships and integrated the hotel's inventory with major OTAs, expanding distribution channels and reach.
    • Developed a comprehensive yearly selling plan, incorporating data-driven insights and marketing strategies to maximize online bookings and revenue from OTA channels.

As the Business Manager at  Royal Lee Phuket, my strategic initiatives across digital presence, operations, marketing, sales, partnerships, and guest experience enhancements drove remarkable results - a staggering 120% increase in sales compared to the previous year. I optimized the website, executed targeted social media campaigns, automated processes, built travel agent networks, organized events, formed local partnerships, introduced new amenities like a playground and beach access, and conducted research to plan for future villa development and growth.

Highlights reel:

  • Website: Produced the design and developed the website, created content, and integration of analytical tools to optimize digital presence and user experience.
  • Automation: Optimized operations by automating sales workflows, email responses, and reports, enhancing departmental efficiency.
  • Digital Marketing: Implemented comprehensive digital marketing campaigns that included Facebook, Google, and TikTok Pixels for precise targeting and performance analysis. To increase community participation, I led content production, wrote engaging articles, and actively moderated the hotel's Facebook group.
  • Sales Initiatives: Built and nurtured an extensive agent network in Phuket, spearheaded sales campaigns, and orchestrated memorable events, driving property visibility and bookings.
  • Partnership Development: Established strategic alliances with local businesses, elevating the hotel's service portfolio and guest satisfaction.
  • Amenities Expansion: Introduced diverse amenities, such as a kids playground, football court, and co-working space, and paved a private road to the beach, enhancing the guest experience.
  • Phase 2 - The Gate Villas: Paved the roadmap with market research, competitor scrutiny, and a well-structured project blueprint, setting the stage for the hotel's future growth.

I started my career as a Sales Manager at Centurion, a Bacardi Group partner, then took a brief break to complete my education. When I returned, I quickly rose through the ranks to become the Head of Sales and Marketing. In this senior position, I routinely exceeded sales targets, built critical industry contacts, and oversaw strategic operations. My commitment to ongoing learning and improvement was critical in propelling our department's success and mentoring the next generation of talent.

Highlights reel:

  • 40% Sales Growth: Surpassed previous year's targets through strategic initiatives.
  • Key Partnerships: Secured deals with top industry players like The White Rabbit Group.
  • Operational Acumen: Steered contracts and critical marketing projects to completion.
  • Team Leadership: Recruited and trained 8 top-tier professionals, ensuring team cohesion.
  • Deal Mastery: Closed transactions totaling $8.5M, with a 95% success rate.

At Procter & Gamble, I excelled as a Project Manager, pioneering efficient methodologies and delivering cost-saving initiatives. My innovative approach drove significant improvements, from expanding palletless loading to spearheading vehicle fill rates. I embraced quality control, collaborated across international borders, and showcased my skills in data visualization using tools like Power BI.

Highlights reel:

  • Innovation Leadership: Pioneered the expansion of palletless loading by 50%.
  • Cost Efficiency: Generated $4M in annual savings through strategic initiatives.
  • Vehicle Utilization: Elevated vehicle fill rate by 23%, achieving a record 62.2% in Feb'22.
  • Quality Excellence: Managed quality control for local production and addressed customer complaints proactively.
  • Collaboration: Teamed up with international colleagues, enhancing equipment maintenance and solving recurring issues.
  • Data Mastery: Automated and visualized crucial reports using Power BI, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Recognition: Earned team award nominations in the EU for palletless loading and vehicle fill rate improvements.

As a Professor Assistant at Lancaster University, I participated in the development of an application aimed at aiding students worldwide in their quest to find universities tailored to their needs.

Highlights reel:

  • Expertise in extensive data scraping utilizing XML tags to acquire pertinent information.
  • Demonstrated precision in data formatting and preparation, ensuring seamless integration into the application's analytical processes.

As a freelance web designer, I crafted bespoke websites tailored to client specifications, and collaborated with diverse businesses in creating distinct logos and design elements that encapsulated their brand identity.

Highlights reel:

  • The Gate 420: I led the conceptualization of the store's theme at Gate 420, elegantly merging modern aesthetics with creative interior designs. My technologically savvy approach resulted in the effective integration of an advanced POS system and the deployment of cutting-edge software solutions, which improved the store's operational efficiency and customer experience.
  • Say yes to success: At 'Say Yes To Success', I spearheaded the design and development of a sophisticated website tailored for a high-end HR and concierge service based in Dubai. My contribution elevated the brand's digital footprint, capturing the essence of their premium offerings to a discerning clientele.

As a Director's Assistant, I helped manage a big office space, negotiate with tenants about renting, prepare contracts and other documents, and made sure everyone paid on time. I analysed the market and provided overview on potential adjustments. I also set up safety and fire protecting systems in the office. One of my big projects was reducing our building's heating costs by half.

Highlights reel:

  • Managed leasing for over 2000 sqm of office space under the director's directory, achieving 95% of rented spaces.
  • Successfully reduced building's heating costs by 50%.
  • Conducted thorough real estate market research.

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